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VIDEO: Message to Bennelong’s Armenian community re the genocide of WW1

JA speaks directly to our Armenian community and shares his commitment to seeing the genocide be recognised as such: genocide.

Original script:
“Hello, John Alexander here, the Federal Member for Bennelong, which is the proud home of the largest Armenian community in Australia.  

“I would like to pay my sincerest respects to the memory of the millions of Armenians – women, children and men – who were killed in the terrible genocide committed by the Ottomans from 1915.

“I note Anzac prisoners of war witnessed the atrocity and reported it upon their return. They and the rest of Australia welcomed the Armenian refugees as they sought to survive and start again after their terrible suffering.

“I call upon the Australian Government to officially recognise this genocide as exactly that: genocide.

“I also condemn the current ethnic cleansing that is taking place in Artsakh. I visited this beautiful country in 2018, where I was treated with wonderful hospitality by the Armenian people who had been living there for many centuries.

“Lest we forget.”