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Minister visits Royal Rehab College to announce funding victory


John Alexander spent his first morning of the Election Campaign with Senator Scott Ryan, Minster for Vocational Education and Skills, for a tour of the Royal Rehab College, located in the Royal Rehab Centre in Putney.

The College passes on the excellent work of the Centre and allows people around the country to benefit from their life changing techniques. As a longstanding supporter of the College, Mr Alexander has been in regular contact with Minister Ryan to promote the great work they do as a unique Registered Training Organisation.

Mr Alexander and Minister Ryan attended a first aid course and heard from some of the former students who had gone on to work at the facility.

John Alexander said: “Royal Rehab is one of our community’s greatest assets. The work they do to help people deal with their conditions after some horrifying accidents is truly inspirational. The more people they can pass on their incredible skills to the stronger this country and our local community will be.”

“This is why I campaigned so strongly to ensure the importance of Royal Rehab’s work in both rehabilitation and training is well understood by decision makers in Canberra.”