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Kelly O’Dwyer Visits Bennelong to Discuss Real Estate Reforms

A community forum looking at foreign ownership of residential real estate has been held in Epping on Friday, hosted by Bennelong MP John Alexander and with special guest Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer, Kelly O’Dwyer MP.

Kelly spoke at the event at the Epping Community Centre to a full house, and the vibrant Q&A session included contributions from people across the community, including buyers, owners and real estate agents.

John Alexander is currently Chair of the House Economics Committee, and is conducting an inquiry into housing. However, his predecessor to this role was Kelly O’Dwyer, and during her chairmanship she led a complimentary inquiry into Foreign Real estate ownership.

“Kelly’s recommendations from the inquiry that she led has been widely accepted by the government, and her views on this important issue are reforming our housing market,” John Alexander said.

“The Government has changed the law to ensure that housing stock remains available to local residents, while allowing investment to counter the current lack of housing supply.”

“Additionally, the Government reforms included harsher penalties for foreign investors who break the rules, and greater oversight of the system by the Australian Tax Office.”

“These reforms will make a considerable difference to ensure that residents in Bennelong are not priced out by foreign investors.”