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John Alexander’s charity walk going the extra mile

John Alexander is now over half way through his 100km walk for Motor Neurone Disease.

This week he has crossed the suburbs of Gladesville, Putney, Ryde, Meadowbank, West Ryde, Brush Farm and Ermington.

He has also walked considerably further than anticipated – despite having so much walking still to go, he has walked over 150km already.

On Friday he met a particularly special person. Kevin Langdon of Ermington has suffered from a form of Motor Neurone Disease for many years now and JA stopped in to visit him on this walk.

John said: “After walking and talking about this disease for so long, it was humbling to meet Kevin, a man who knows the horror of it first hand. His resilience has been so impressive and the work he does to help people who have just been diagnosed is completely inspiring. It has re-energised my desire to make a difference on this walk.”

“We’ve had some pretty wet days over the last week, but that hasn’t dampened the enthusiasm or generosity of the many people I’ve met. It has been eye opening to see how many people know someone who has been affected by this terrible condition, and the kindness of everyone I’ve met has been remarkable.”

John’s walk will continue until the 21st November, ending at 11am on Rowe St Eastwood.