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John Alexander welcomes CHAFTA decision

This week in Canberra, the Chinese Australian Free Trade Agreement passed Parliament, meaning it will soon come into effect.

This free trade agreement will bring new connections to the old friendship between Australia and China

It was negotiated by the Liberal Trade Minister Andrew Robb, and this week passed Parliament despite a destabilising campaign lead by Australian Unions.

John Alexander, Member for Bennelong, welcomed the new deal. In a speech in Parliament he said:

“I rise to give my strongest possible support to the government’s actions in securing a free trade agreement with China, our nation’s biggest trading partner. The economic growth and increased investment that will be delivered as a direct result of this agreement will improve the life of every Australian, from the ports of Western Australia to my own electorate of Bennelong.”

“Many times in this place I have spoken of my very good fortune to represent a community with a large, vibrant and engaged community of Chinese-Australians. At many local events, we have discussed the importance of building bridges between our two nations to allow even stronger linkages as partners in trade, business and culture. This free trade agreement cements that bridge and will create many business opportunities and employment opportunities for Bennelong residents.”