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VIDEO: John Alexander to hang up his racquet


JA explains why he’s hanging up the racquet.

After eleven years of having the honour of representing the Federal Seat of Bennelong and with nominations for Liberal Party preselection having been called, I should make my intentions known.

I will not be nominating for preselection for Bennelong.

I make this announcement now in fairness to those who may be interested in nominating for preselection.

I care deeply about the future of Bennelong, and our Government, and want the best possible candidates competing for the honour of being the Liberal Party candidate for Bennelong.

Serving Bennelong has been an incredible honour and I must thank the people of Bennelong who have put their trust in me for the last 11 years.

As in my first career I have been encouraged, coached, mentored and supported by the best volunteers, work mates and family and I am truly grateful. I will acknowledge these champions of people properly, at a later date.

Eleven years ago John Howard encouraged me to run for Bennelong.

The great man told me he was keen to attract people who had real life experience and could contribute to the development of policy.

In short, he believed that parties should only win office on the presentation of superior policies and only hold office by delivering on their promises.

I have stayed true to these ideals, by initiating and chairing inquiries that determined the facts upon which to draw reasonable policy recommendations.

These inquiries focussed on settlement planning, housing affordability and supply, the infrastructure required to facilitate such plans and the equitable sustainable funding of them.

It is my sincerest wish that the contest of ideas should be wholesome and respectful, and will prevail over the demeaning, unproductive political jousting of recent times.