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John Alexander Chairs Hearing with RBA Governor

This Friday, the House Economics Committee held their bi yearly hearing with the Reserve Bank Governor, Glenn Stevens. As Chair of the Committee, John Alexander MP led the questioning.

The hearing took place in Canberra and examined many important topics, including interest rates, house prices, the recent Fed Reserve decision, and the ongoing state of the Chinese economy.

John said: “It was a very interesting discussion, at a time when there is a large amount of activity in the global markets. I was particularly keen to quiz Mr Stevens on the US’s decision to keen interest rates as they are, and critically what this could mean for the local Australian economy.”

Also at the meeting were a few year 10 students from local schools, and each was allowed to ask a question of the Governor. In the past this has left a strong impression with John.

“The last time the enquiry heard from Glenn Stevens, a guest student asked a probing question about the housing prices and her real concerns that she could have a mortgage debt that she could never pay off. That a 16 year old could have such a serious concern about the state of the housing market struck a real chord with me, and was one of the principle reasons I have started the Inquiry into Housing.”

“This Housing Inquiry is continuing to gather evidence around the country, and I look forward to announcing its findings.”