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John Alexander starts 100km walk for MND

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Last Saturday, John Alexander MP started the first leg of his 100km walk around the electorate of Bennelong to raise money for Motor Neurone Disease.

There are estimated 1,900 people with Motor Neurone Disease in Australia, each with an estimated life expectancy of only 27 months. Those 27 months will see a steady disintegration of their muscles until they can no longer eat, breath, or talk to their loved ones.

By walking the length and breadth of the electorate, JA hopes to raise awareness and funds to fight this dreadful disease.

The walk started on Saturday with JA walking over 12km in a circuitous route between his office in Epping and Waterloo Road in North Epping. On the way he visited a number of shops in Epping and North Epping, the Poplars village and Epping North Public School to attend their school fete. He was joined by a number of volunteers and local residents.

JA said: “It was wonderful to see so many people joining me and helping raise money for this worthy cause. Everywhere I went people had heard of the walk and were willing to give generously.”

“Last year I lost a close friend to MND – a brilliant man and a loving husband and father, at the peak of his life. To see him cut down so fast was beyond comprehension.”

“I hope this walk will continue to raise awareness of this dreadful disease. The 100km will take place throughout the remainder of October and November, and will cover every corner of Bennelong. I’ll be walking down a street near you, so keep an eye out and join me for a walk or to talk about any issues that concern you.”

JA’s route can be found on his website at where you will also find a link to the fundraising page. Additionally, a leaflet will come to your letterbox prior to his visit to let you know when he’ll be around your area.

JA will be stopping in at schools, aged care centres, charities and shops, as well as walking down hundreds of suburban streets, and encouraging anyone who can to walk along with him.