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JA condemns homophobic election literature

John Alexander MP has roundly condemned election literature handed out at Eastwood polling booth on 2nd July as hateful and unwanted in our community.

The material, which was unauthorised and has not been claimed by any party, describes homosexuality as a ‘death curse,’ and suggests the election of some political parties would lead to rape in women’s toilets. It recommended voting for the Christian Democratic Party, although the Christian Democratic Party have denied any knowledge of the leaflets.

John Alexander MP, who was re-elected with an increased majority in Bennelong, denounced the materials saying:

“There is no place in Bennelong for divisive views of this kind, and I condemn these comments in the strongest possible terms. These opinions are simply not welcome; not here in Bennelong, not anywhere in Australia… I was very proud to run a positive campaign and had good relations with every one of my fellow candidates. As a result the election was largely friendly and good natured, and a pleasure to be part of. Comments like these leave a bad taste in our mouths and undermine all the good work that has been done, which I will not stand for.”