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Green hydrogen: Australia to be a world leader in its production and export

The Morrison Government is acting to ensure Australia is well placed to be the major international supplier of global green hydrogen.

Green hydrogen will be a major global fuel of the future. Heavy transport will most likely be its end user, such as trucks, ships, trains, 4×4 cars etc. IE: Electric propulsion vehicles not requiring a re-charge station. Hydrogen fuelled electricity generation for the grid may also be widespread.

Bennelong was where Australia’s first hydrogen refilling station was installed, at Hyundai in Macquarie Park.

The next budget will invest an additional $275.5 million to accelerate the development of an Australian hydrogen industry. This new funding will increase the Government’s total support for a hydrogen industry to over $845 million. This is called ‘action on climate change’.

Making hydrogen is hard, it is energy intensive. Electricity is used to separate water into its ingredients: hydrogen and oxygen. To be green hydrogen the electricity needs to be generated carbon free.

We will leverage our endless outback sunshine to generate the solar electricity that is required to make this green hydrogen.

We’re also investing in tech that can extract carbon from the atmosphere: Carbon capture, use and storage, see my previous post from two weeks ago.

Technology will deliver us a carbon free job creating economy of the future, not taxation or forcing people to turn their lights out…

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