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Delivering for Bennelong

When I first entered Parliament in 2010 I promised to always put Bennelong first. I have done this through fighting for our services and local groups, and starting some highly successful local initiatives including the Bennelong Cup, Bennelong Village Businesses and Bennelong Gardens.

The Bennelong Table Tennis cup, for example, started as a way of getting children of different ethnicities to play sport together. 5 years on it has now delivered free tables to almost every school in the electorate and has led to an international tournament played in Canberra and Marsfield featuring professional players from 6 nations and students from 30 local schools.

It has been a resounding success.

When I found out only 40% of residents said they shop at their local small businesses, I put more effort into my Bennelong Village Business campaign, which over the last two years has provided free advertising for over 200 businesses directly to thousands of local homes.

I’ve secured a grant of $200,000 for CCTV cameras in Eastwood after a local was attacked by Glen St Car Park. I’ve also helped deliver over $300,000 for local groups to build small scale investments which has helped everyone from Karonga special needs school to Eastwood Chinese Senior Citizen’s Club.

More information on all of this can be found on the map below.