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Cutting Red Tape to create Jobs

20 March 2014


The Coalition Government has taken action to cut red tape, as part of its plan to help small business, create more jobs and make life easier.

For the first time in history, two days of Parliament each year will be dedicated to removing red tape. At the first of these on 26 March, 10,000 regulations and pieces of legislation are being removed, which will save $800 million and countless hours of paperwork.

Bennelong MP, John Alexander, said: “Across our community, I hear a lot of small businesses, community groups and everyday Australians express frustration about their paperwork burden and we’re determined to do something about it.

“Ultimately, it’s small businesses that create jobs and good citizens that build communities.  We have to make sure the government works for them, not the other way around, Mr Alexander said.”

“Many steps are just common sense, like no longer requiring hire companies to register concrete mixers or “whacker packers” (used to compress soil) as “motor vehicles”, or requiring job search agencies to keep hundreds of filing cabinets with paper copies of every application when this information is kept electronically.

“A wide range of industries – from farming to finance, charities to child-care, mining to mobile phone retailing – will benefit from less red tape after our first Red Tape Repeal Day”, Mr Alexander said.

A new Government website – – summarises all the new initiatives and provides a place where people can make new suggestions.

“We’re making a good start, but there’s more to be done, so if your work, business or community group is being weighed down by rules and regulations that don’t make sense, please get in contact with my office, or visit the new website”, Mr Alexander said.


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