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Counter Terrorism Investigations at Epping Boys High

Counter terrorism investigation into student at Epping Boys High School


Counter terrorism police are investigating accusations that a high school student has been preaching radical Islam at Epping Boys High.

Commenting, Federal MP for Bennelong, John Alexander MP said:

“The ongoing investigations at Epping Boys High School are deeply concerning. Radicalisation in schools is a challenge facing our country, and it is sad to see it reaching Bennelong’s schools.

The fact remains that the simplest way to build resilience to radicalisation is through well-informed families, communities and local institutions.

It is important that anyone who is in danger of becoming radicalised is diverted to a different path as early as possible before they harm themselves or others. The people most likely to be able to get through to someone at risk will be people they trust – parents, friends, teachers or community leaders.

Schools are instrumental in this, and Australian governments are working together to develop training resources for teachers, principals and other frontline professionals on how to recognise and reach out to at-risk individuals in our schools and universities.

I have worked closely with Epping Boys over the years and seen firsthand they are a truly excellent school. I am confident that the close community and sense of care that is fostered here has been essential to this incident being identified at such an early stage. This is clearly an example of an ounce of prevention being better than a pound of cure.

The Federal Government encourages families, friends and communities who may see changes in an individual that suggest they may be to reach out. Information and resources on how to identify these signs is available on our website at