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Bennelong Village Businesses – Midway shops

The small businesses at Midway and Five Ways sit at the heart of Bennelong and at the heart of their communities. These are a fantastic collections of shops that exemplify the Bennelong Village Business campaign – the sort of local, small businesses that survive on the sweat of their owners, and face the most competition from the big players in the market.

It is essential that we protect and nurture our local shopping villages, which is exactly what the Bennelong Village Business Campaign is designed to do. The benefits that strong local shops give to our communities are numerous. They boost the local economy, they support local jobs and studies even suggest they can increases the value of your property. Most importantly, local shopping districts provide a hub for the residents to rally around and to tie our communities together. Our local shops are essential.

The shops in these centres are exactly the sorts that deserve our support. They offer a friendlier face than the larger supermarkets and high street shops, but still cater to a family’s every need. The high quality produce and services available here are second to none, and available to help local residents day in, day out.

Small Businesses are essential to our economy, and this Government has put them front and centre. This investment into our local business men and women will safeguard and strengthen our local shopping villages, and ensure that the unique shops at Midway and Five Ways still serve our Bennelong community for years to come.