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Australia needs High Speed Rail

I’ve been advocating for High Speed Rail for years now. The congestion in Bennelong is a real issue, yet outside of our cities Australia is sparsely populated. HSR can lead the decentralisation that we need to keep our cities livable.

In my role as Chair of the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Infrastructure, Transport and Cities I am conducting a Parliamentary Inquiry into improved methods of building and funding our much needed transport infrastructure.

From roads to rail our Bennelong region suff??????????????ers from an infrastructure deficit, and with the large residential developments proposed in the area, this will get worse unless something is done. Since my election as your representative in Canberra I have been fighting for new innovative ways to fund the transport connectivity we need to take the pressure off our overly congested roads.

The Inquiry is looking at the best ways to use value capture as a fair and sustainable source of infrastructure funding. Currently taxpayers fund transport infrastructure connectivity that delivers massive land value increases to a small number of property investors and developers. Under the value capture scheme some of this excessive unearned benefit will be pre-committed towards the infrastructure’s construction.

This will deliver certainty to ensure infrastructure is not just promised but it is actually built! Our region cannot afford any more broken promises like the previous Labor Government’s commitment to build the Epping to Parramatta Rail Link.