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Alexander offers a visionary solution to Ryde’s housing crisis

15 Feb 2017

The Weekly Times



Bennelong MP John Alexander
has responded
to criticism of the Federal
Government’s housing
policy with the release
this week of a key document
on housing and infrastructure.
The document titled “Harnessing
Value, Delivering
Infrastructure” was re
leased by Mr Alexander in
his role ae Chairman of the
House Standing Committee
on Infrastructure and
Transport and promotes
housing in regional areas
linked to Sydney by high
speed rail.
It suggests that families
who can’t afford to live
and work i i the Bennelong
Electorate consider affordable
regional a Item at i ves
linked to Sydney by high
speed rail.
“Linking regional towns
to their nearest major city
via high speed rail will fast
track the supply of affordable
housing stock for generations
to come.
It can be :unded by ‘value
capture’, not government
“It’s a a win for urban
congestion relief and re
newal and a win for the
supply of vast affordable
housing stock that is within
easy commuting time of big
city jobs.”
Mr Alexander has been
held to account by the Labor
opposition over the
jack of affordable housing
in Ryde, which has forced
key workers to commute to
Ryde from the outer west-

ern and eastern suburbs
despite three of more hours
commuting time on busy
roads, daily.
‘Ideas and vision have
been eliminated tor too
Jong from the national conversation
by petty political
debate,” Mr Alexander
“This is a positive vision
for a bright and prosperous
Australian future,” Mr Alexander
He said the Turnbull Government
can play a key
‘There must be a federal
government overarching
plan that integrates infrastructure
and land use,” he
“A federal ‘value capture’
model is vital to fund a vast
array of infrastructure projects
but it is also essential
for the three levels of government
to align.
‘There is no better opportunity
in the world for high
speed rail.”